What is ad?

Advertising is a form of communication primarily used to persuade, inform, or generate interest in a product. It is the most common form of marketing communication.

There are many different forms of advertising; books, radio and TV commercials, colored clothing that carries a logo name on it- all these and more are forms of advertising that can be seen in our daily lives. Advertising has been around for centuries and will continue to thrive so long as good products need new customers or good prices need competitive matches.

The Oxford Dictionary defines advertising as “the act of calling public attention to one’s product or business, especially by paid announcements in the press. The World Book Dictionary defines it as “any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services through the media.” To this point, all dictionaries define advertising in terms of promoting a product or company. This is reflected today in most advertising agencies that specialize only in organizational clients while other agencies may cover both consumer and organizational accounts. Advertising is a form of communicating its importance, its benefits and value. Advertising has come close to being the most-used form of communication; it is used for everything from news to product promotion. It may be used for entertainment in television commercials or newspaper ads that provide an attractive picture of a product or service.

One secret of advertising is that all good advertisements are simply slogans (words with special meanings). This simple truth has been recognized by the three biggest world advertisement centers, New York, London, and Paris. These centers are always hiring men and women who understand this basic principle, men who qualify as public relations specialists and women as copywriters. The secret is that all good advertising is the same. It does not matter whether it is for Nescafe or toothpaste, the principles are identical. They are based on human needs and desires. Advertising makes us want to buy things we do not need and cannot afford.

Advertisers spend tons of money on research to find out what people buy and why they buy it. Then they study psychology to know how to influence people’s buying habits. They find out what motivates them, what makes them tick; then, they use this knowledge in their ads and sales presentations

It has been said by many experts that “people don’t read advertisements but they do read between the lines. They read between the lines to be able to judge the merit of an item they are interested in purchasing.”

The use of television commercials has propelled advertising to new heights. The fact that people can watch commercials anywhere, anytime, and in almost any program they want makes it easier for them to buy a product and does not expose them to competition from other ads.

Advertising is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. It evolved from a necessity for people to communicate with each other about buying and selling products through showrooms, markets, and salespeople. And it evolved into one of the most powerful forms of business promotion.

In today’s complex business world, advertising helps companies to survive. Advertising helps organizations to survive in a competitive, dynamic environment and it helps their customers to buy their products. It provides them with the necessary information about whether people are interested in the new product, its benefits and its price.

The media plays an essential role in advertising by providing information about products and services through various types of media. The most important feature of media is that it can reach millions of people and reach them quickly through video or television. As we have seen in the last 20 years, television has changed dramatically because of modern technology and significant changes in its audience composition. Today’s audience consists almost entirely of audiences that were not even born when television was first introduced. It consists of younger people who have not grown up with television; it consists of people from all walks of life who are living in their homes and do not even have a TV. And finally, it consists of people who consume television programming in high numbers at a time when they are doing other things.

This means that the media can play a more important role in creating relationships than ever before. Today’s media audience is very diverse, is very different from the audience that watched television 20 years ago and we can argue that TV today has become more like radio, where many different demographics come together to consume the same program at different times.

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